Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lick a Limerick

Take a good look at Kirk in--well, any episode of Star Trek and you'll see that Billy boy has a penchant for going commando in those tight nylon pants. Even when it's clear he's wearing pannies, all his junk's in the front and dangling like a coupla coconuts and a bratwurst. What'd he do, pull his piece through the slit in his tighties? Did they fall out? What?

And how the fuck does that get past the censors in the 60's?

Anyway, we had a lot of discussion about this over at THFFF and somebody busted out with a limerick using the word 'commando'. Well, then it was on. I'm not all that great with limericks 'cos I can't get with the rhythm, but here's my trib:

Keep Your Mind on the Job

Uhura was bored on the bridge
She thought Jim's pants tight just a smidge
She pondered his cleft
Saw he dressed to the left
And the delicious outline of his ridge

Tho' red alert klaxon was clangin'
She thought, "Damn, Jim's body is bangin'!"
He heard her thoughts clear
And spoke in her ear
"I've got your commando hangin'."


There was a sick Vulcan named Spock
Who lay in sickbay in a smock
He was commando
Chris knew she should go
But first sneeked a peek at his er, bandage to make sure it hadn't slipped or anything...

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