Thursday, May 08, 2008

girl6 FAQs

Thank you all for all the great feedback. I'd like to be able to respond to all of your emails but I'd spend more time doing that than writing the stuff you really want to read. And try to leave your comments on the site. I publish all comments, good and bad.


I usually am asked three questions when I receive emails from readers. Here are the answers:

1. Yes, I do write other fiction and am currently nearing completion of one of two novels. I do not publish that writing on the internet. No, I won't tell you what it's about....unless you work for Simon & Schuster.

2. A summer fling with a couple of water polo players when I was an undergrad.

3. If you'll look to the right, you'll see a link list of "Favorite Posts". And in the archives, any post with a rating(R, G, NC-17, etc.) in the title is a story. I hope that makes it easier to find them.

Thanks for Spock jonesing, monkies!

Oh and, no, I would not like to go back in time because I'm too uppity. They call it "elitist" these days...

*that's not out of the blue. i've been asked the "time machine question" a few times.


Anonymous said...

Where's "Ship's Night"? I love that story!

girl6 said...

I'm actually revising and finishing "Ship's Night." I'll put it up soon!

nascarlady38 said...

good morning, girl6
i want to let you know i have enjoy your stories. i feel i am right there. Have you written anything before 2006? if so, where can i find them? i have read a story with spock, uhura, kirk, and sarek in it. i think they were on earth and sarek came to visit them and he met uhura in a closet or he stopped her from falling or something. oh, well, i was able to read some of the story before i had to leave for a family gathering. i went back and could not find the story or stories. well, keep up the great writing. love your stories. nascarlady 38

girl6 said...


email me and I'll tell you what happened to that story.

Bana said...

I am not a trekkie, but someone on my LJ flist linked this journal. It is much love. Simon and Schuster, huh? Good news. Very good, indeed. My faith in the publishing industry has somewhat been restored.

*off to continue reading*

And being elitist is very much for the mf win, yes. :)