Thursday, July 03, 2008

USA! USA! We're #1!

Read Daniel Henninger's opinion piece over at WSJ about WTF is going on with the WTC project and you'll find "the greatest political and bureaucratic fiasco in the history of the world". And by greatest political fiasco in the history of the world, he means the election of George Jr.

Seven years after the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers we have this,

a $15, 000,000,000 motherfucking hole in the ground to show for all that sound and fury and red, white and blue bullshit. Henninger writes, "Remember the line about how if we don't rebuild the towers "the terrorists will win"? The terrorists will be dead of old age before this project is finished."

Oh, snap.

Seven years.

Metaphor throws up its hands and is all like, "My work is done here." Irony is all like, "I'm right behind you, dude." Obvious is all like, "These muthafuckkas don't know they ass from a hole in the ground."

And by ass, I mean George Jr. And by $15, 000,000,000 hole in the ground, I mean George Jr.'s administration.

That's 15 billion, monkies. How many schools and community clinics could that fund? On the other hand, $15, 000,000,000 is only 4.3 weeks of war costs.

China's all like, "We got ya covered. "

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