Monday, July 14, 2008

Well, shit...

Ok. Yeah. I see what you did there. I get it. Hard-hitting political satire. Great. What I want to know is, what took you so long?

For 8 years we've had to put up with a bitchass media that stood around pulling its pud and wringing its hands while the Bush administration gambooled and pissed all over, well, pretty much everything.

Man, back in the day, the Washington Post would've been all like, "Wait, what? The president just flipped our civil liberties the bird? That's a bitch slappin'. And the Vice President is engaged in war profiteering? Whaaa? That's a fist fuckin' and a dismantling of the entire administration! Fuck you. Get on your crooked asses on that helicopter and get the fuck out the White House. "

But noooo. The media waited until dude is 6 months lame duck to finally be all like, "Bush sucks and Cheney's a scaly, festering, hunched and shuffling thing that crawled out of Lucifer's ass. Look at all the bad shit they did."

Fuck that. Punkass bitches.

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