Monday, May 25, 2009

You Don't Know?!

I received a few emails lately of people asking who's the guy in the cage in my profile pic.

That's Leonard Nimoy, circa the year before I was born.

The picture is a screen capture from "The Balcony"--a very interesting film and excellent cast: Peter Falk, Shelly Winters, Ruby Dee, Lee Grant. And then there's all the sweaty, dirty, half-naked Nimoy. He has such beautiful hands.


Anonymous said...

unf! I just watched a clip of Nimoy wrassle around with Yul Brynner in Catlow. that man was a god. a fine hot ass hunk of a man.

and i'm not ashamed to say that even with Nimoy at 78--i'd still tap that.

girl6 said...


Anonymous said...

I just saw this movie and *damn* - he was just so lean and lithe and lovely. It really contrasted with his Spock portrayal, which was so stiff and restrained. I like him both ways. But the shirtlessness was definitely VERY rewarding.

cinderella_27514 said...

Mmmm, Mmm, good!