Monday, September 24, 2012

Daydream Believer or Hell Is Other People

Hey, monkies. I've got a Trek story ready to go and will post it this weekend.

So, I have ADHD and sensory possessing issues.  It makes me impulsive and socially ham-fisted and physically clumsy -- even though I have strong ankles and good balance. It's pretty cool.

I live in my head and only emerge when I absolutely must.  But my job dictates that I have intensely emotional interactions with people. In order to remain sane, I need periodic breaks from reality. Actually, I need to not be checked into reality very much at all.  I daydream all day long. Lush, time-traveling daydreams. Filled with sex.

So deep is my internal preoccupation, that right up to the moment before I have to give a talk or interview a family or write a report, I'm daydreaming about

...being at a party in Cary Grant's Bel Air mansion in 1967. I'm wearing a strapless, cream satin gown that skims my body and pools at my feet. My only jewelery is a half carat ruby solitaire pendant surrounded by tiny diamonds on a fine platinum chain. I'm there with Dean Martin and I'm laughing and having a fabulous time because he's my best pal but everyone thinks we're lovers. The air smells like cold olives, gin, cigarettes and sliced oranges. I look across the ball room and see Peter Graves and he's leaning with one wide shoulder against the wall and he's wearing a slim, black tuxedo with the bow tie undone and his hair is the color of moonlight and I can see the blue of his eyes from where I stand and I think, how does a man like that happen? And because he's my best friend, Dean walks right up to Peter Graves and says, hey Pete, take care of my girl for a minute, will ya? So Peter...

See what I mean?

I daydream about everyone: Spock, Matt Dillon, Abraham Lincoln, Brian, Peter Graves and some real people, too. I'm going to write these down an post them.

See you tomorrow and as always, thanks for spockjonesing.


Cerulean Bill said...

Wow. Delightful.

zizi_west said...

A vivid narrative comes to life in that single paragraph. So you "live in your head"? Lots of interesting things are happening there & it's nice for fanfic readers when you choose to share them.