Monday, February 11, 2013

Down From the Mountains

Lately, I can’t seem to get away from the story “Happiness At Least.” Here’s a sneak preview, told from Spock’s point of view.

Down From the Mountains

Summary: Spock travels to the monastery after the loss of his child.

~~Chapter One

Taktshang Dzong, Paro, Bhutan -- 10 June, 1979

I recalled the completion ceremony of my kaswan as I climbed the path to the dzong built from the living rock of the mountain.

My father had stood beside me before the High Council. I was fatigued in the extreme and weighted with grief for the death of my sehlat, I’Chaya, but I held myself upright until the end. T’Lar gazed down at me from the Council dais.

“You bring honor to your father’s house, Spock,” she said. “Though, I would not recommend such for one as young as you.” Her eyes turned to my father. “Ever again.”

Sarek shifted minutely.

I took a quick half-step forward. “My father’s house honors me, S’haile. The decision was --.” I paused. “Mine,” I finished.

“As you say,” said T’Lar, her eyes still on my father.

I attempted to hold my exhaustion at bay on the way back to the palace; but, I was, after all, a child of seven. I fell asleep in the soft cup of the flitter seat. I roused briefly when my father laid me on my bed and removed my desert boots. I


him then -- his pride in me, his love for me and his delighted wonder at my very existence. He brushed my bangs from my forehead with his fingertips and --

          ...with my life, Spock-kam.

whispered into my dreams.