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The Reception 4/4

Chapter 4

They hurried down the corridor to the turbolift. They looked back and as the 'lift doors closed and saw the Ambassador standing at the door of the ballroom watching them. Spock swept Uhura into his arms, and buried his face in her neck. The turbolift doors closed and they were alone. Spock gently set her on her feet. They stood very close, not touching.

"Deck nine, " he said, softly, putting his hands behind his back.

She moved away from him and said, "Well, that was interesting."


"Persistent, wasn't he?"

"He had informed me earlier in the evening that he was searching for another wife. He was interrogating me for information about any unattached females aboard the ship. He was quite…intent."

"Well, thank you for rescuing me, Spock."

"It is my duty, Lieutenant."

"Your duty? Um, Okay. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take that."

She dragged her fingers through her hair then smoothed it with her palms. She blew air through pursed lips and tried to smile. Then she laughed. Spock cocked his head in puzzlement.

"My compliments on your kissing."

He acknowledged her comment with a nod. His dark eyes watched her.

"I mussed your hair," she said. "It's sticking up. There. No, there. In the front." He kept missing it. "Here, let me." Stepped closer to him and smoothed the hair over his forehead.

"I have a small patch of hair in the front that is…disobedient. What the ship's barber calls a ‘cow lick.”

"It's beautiful. I'd always wondered if it is as soft as it looks." He stood still while she combed it through her fingers.


"Yes, Mr. Spock?"

"The turbolift has stopped but the doors have not opened."

She dropped her hand and they both looked at the door.

"Computer, open doors on turbolift twelve, deck nine," Spock commanded.

There was no response. He flipped open the manual override access panel and checked the circuits.

"The main is fused and needs to be replaced. I could not repair it even if I had the proper tools."

Uhura walked over to the com box and pressed the call button. She didn't hear the faint static that indicated that the channel was open. She spoke anyway.

"Uhura to Engineering. Come in, please." She looked at Spock and shook her head. "This circuitry draws its power from the same main. Maybe someone will hear us if we yell," she offered.

"Not likely. We will need to open the access panel in the ceiling and climb to the next deck."

"Mr. Spock. You have seen my dress."

Spock frowned. "Yes, Lt. I have in fact, been admiring it all evening."

"Thank you. And may I add that that jacket suits you. You look fantastic in all black. That said, neither of us is dressed for crawling around in turbo shafts."

"We don't have a choice, Miss Uhura. No matter how well dressed we are, I have no wish to spend the rest of the evening trapped in a turbolift."

"Spock, it's bad enough that you stole me from the Tellarite Ambassador, but if you ruin that beautiful jacket, you will add insult to injury."

"I can remove the jacket."

"What about me? I paid a fortune for this dress! It's one of a kind!"

"There will be other dresses. Now, I will have to lift you—"

"Please, Spock. Can't we just wait a few minutes? This is a busy deck. Someone is bound to notice soon that the turbolift has malfunctioned. Half an hour. After that, I'll crawl anywhere you want me to."

It would be unfortunate if the dress were ruined, he thought.

"Very well. We shall wait. But only for one half hour then, dress or no dress, you are climbing to the next deck." He leaned against the turbolift wall.

"Thanks. Actually, I should be insulted that you don't want to be stuck in this turbolift with me." She affected a pout.

"It has never been my wish to offend you, Miss Uhura."

She smiled at him. "Apology accepted. And I apologize for being so distant all week. It's not like me to be so overly sensitive."

"Think no more of it."

Her eyes twinkled, watching him. She fluttered her eyelashes. "You know, I would take this dress off and climb up there but that could prove to be very uncomfortable for both of us. The fabric is quite thin. The lines of even my flimsiest undergarments show through." She raised her arms and spun in slow circle. "I had to make some interesting choices when I got dressed this evening."

Spock looked puzzled and opened his mouth to say something. As comprehension dawned, his mouth snapped shut. He cleared his throat.

"I see," said Spock.

"Can you?" She thrust out her chest and turned her shoulders from side to side. "This fabric is very unforgiving. It clings to everything. Shows every lump, bump, and hair. I had to make sure that my skin was completely smooth…all over."

Ah. She was teasing him. Well, he could give as good as he could get. His gaze traveled down her body. His eyes lingered on the outline of the cleft between her legs.

Uhura was going to laugh until she saw where his eyes rested. Her nipples hardened and she suppressed the urge to shiver. She crossed her arms over her breasts and tried to change the subject.

"Mr. Spock, you did beautifully on the dance floor. I didn't know you could dance. What was that?"

He slowly brought his eyes back up to her face. "It is a Vulcan folk dance. It was something I was taught as an adolescent." He pushed off the wall and walked around until he was standing behind her. "It is usually reserved only for bondmates. The person who taught me the dance also taught me to kiss, among other things. I will convey to her your compliments." His voice was low in her ear. She started this game. He was going to finish it.

She felt his breath on her neck. Shit! He wasn't letting her off the hook.

This time Uhura could not stop herself from shivering. "I see," she whispered.

"But there is more to the dance, Lieutenant." He resumed his walk around her and stopped when he faced her.

"More? The steps seemed rather complicated already." Her voice was barely audible. She refused to look into his face.

"Yes, it is…complicated." He had moved behind her again. "I found it curious that you did not seem to have trouble following."

He kept moving. Her head started to spin. She backed into the turbolift doors so to keep him from getting behind her again.

"I'm a quick study." She forced out a laugh, tried to regain control of the situation. "So, can you teach me the rest? I mean, not now. I know there is not enough room in a turbolift to dance."

He stopped in front of her. "Actually, the turbolift is adequate."

They were standing very close again.

"The turbolift is adequate?" she squeaked.

"May I touch you," he asked.

He'd been…touching her all evening. It was strange for him to ask for permission now.

She took a trembling breath. "Um, yes." She pressed her back into the doors.

He seemed to retreat inside himself for a moment. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He lifted his hand and brushed his fingers across her contact points. In that very brief, very light touch, he sent her an image of such erotic power that she nearly cried out.

Just then, the turbolift doors opened and she would have tumbled out into the corridor had Spock not caught her neatly with one arm around the small of her back.

A startled crewman holding a cryo-torch stared at them with alarm.

"Lieutenant! Sir! This lift is closed for maintenance. I had no idea anyone was in there! Are you okay?"

"Quite," Spock replied.

Uhura merely nodded. She was gripping his forearm with both hands and couldn't seem to let go.

"What was that", she asked softly, her heart pounding.

"It is…complicated." Spock glanced over her head at the crewman, who waited patiently for them to exit the turbolift, his face carefully blank. "I will escort you to your quarters, Miss Uhura."

She stood looking at him with her mouth open. He turned a walked a few steps. He stopped and turned back, waiting for her to catch up. She finally took a step forward and realized that she wasn't breathing. She took a shuddering breath as she reached his side. They walked in silence until they reached her quarters. He held back and she entered before him. He followed her in without asking and she didn't protest. The doors swished closed behind him. She turned to him.

"What—", she started.

He looked at her for a long moment, thought about the events of the last few days and of that evening. He made a decision.

"Vulcans are telepathic. However, we not only receive thoughts of others we can also send them. You are aware of the mind meld?"

She nodded.

"It is one way to send and receive thoughts. There are levels of melding. I employed the mildest form to ascertain certain desires you have, merged them with some of my own and sent them back to you."

She took a deep breath. "Some of your own?"

"Much of my own."

Suddenly the import of his words and all their ramifications impacted her. This was no game, the end of the charade. He was serious.

“You were showing me how you feel?”

“It is what I desire.”

She thought, “Oh my God! I can’t do this! Not with him. It’ll tear me apart.” She needed to think but they way he was looking at her made her head spin. She had to put some distance between them. It was too much. She had to get out of there.

She sprinted for the door but with terrifying speed, he crossed the room and caught her in his arms. He put his hands around her waist, lifted her until her eyes were level with his and walked them backwards until she was pressed against the wall next to the door. She threw her head back and pushed against his chest with her palms, struggling. He was so strong! She grabbed his hair and pulled. He winced but didn't let her go.

"N-no! Spock! Please!" She was nearly sobbing.

He pushed her higher up the wall and held her there with one hand while he pried her fingers from his hair with the other.

He brought her palm to his lips and moaned, "Nyota. I will not harm you."

She looked down at his face and stopped struggling. She gasped for breath. A tear dropped from her lash and landed on his cheek. He didn't wipe it away.

She touched his lips with her fingertips and said, "I need to feel you inside me."

He clenched his jaw and bowed his neck, resting his forehead between her breasts. He moved his hand to her hip and pushed her up until her sex was level with his face. He grabbed a fistful of her dress and pulled it until it parted up the middle, all the way to her neck. He pushed the material away and his control nearly left him as he gazed at what he exposed. She had not been teasing about being smooth all over. Her vagina nestled between her thighs, smooth, hairless, tender.

Uhura remained absolutely still looking down at his dark head, waiting. He held her easily with one hand. His strength made her feel like a rag doll. She could feel his breath against her. He hadn't yet touched her but a fluttering began to build low in her abdomen and her clitoris plumped with hot blood. When he finally moved his mouth toward her she caught her lip in her teeth but did not take her eyes from him. The fluttering grew stronger, becoming a throb that started to rock her body and make her breaths come in short gasps from deep within her. He gripped her with both hands now and she thought he'd open her thighs but he didn't.

Spock pushed his tongue into her soft slit, rubbing his tongue over the bump of her hard clit, feeling it pulse against his mouth, marveling at its size. A moan rumbled from deep within his chest when he heard her cry out. He opened her with his mouth, sucking gently on her nub and pressing it between his soft lips. He could feel her stomach muscles trembling against his forehead. He reached down her leg, hooked his hand behind her knee, and drew it up and open, level with his shoulder. He nipped at the inside of her thigh with his teeth while he drew up her other knee. He pressed her open until her knees nearly touched the wall. The ruffled inner lips of her pussy looked like they'd been sculpted from melting chocolate and they parted moistly to reveal her wet, pink center. He watched as her clitoris throbbed and twitched. Spock dipped his head and gave her one long, slow lick the entire length of her vagina before plunging his tongue into her hot opening.

Uhura collapsed over his shoulder. He simply pushed her body upright against the wall and continued. He captured her clit with his lips again and flicked it rapidly with his tongue.

"Spock! Stop! I can't take anymore. Please."

Spock slowed his activities and finally stopped. He looked up at her and waited until her body stopped shuddering before lowering her back to her feet. Her knees buckled and he held her against his body, supporting her weight. He licked his lips, still tasting her. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He held her shoulders and helped her out of the ruined dress. He pulled the coverlet over her.


She looked up at him, still feeling a little dizzy.

"I must go back and check the status of the delegate reception."

"You're leaving?"

"I shall return in one hour." He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.


He bent and kissed the corner of her mouth. As the door swished shut she opened her eyes wide. His breath…

Spock checked in with the bridge crew and conferred with the head of the delegation security detail before returning to the reception. Music blasted into the corridor when he entered the cargo bay. He looked around the room and spotted the captain. He was laughing and pounding Scotty on the back. Spock strode over to them.

"Are you well, Mr. Scott," he inquired.

"He's fine, Spock," answered Kirk, laughing. "He's just laughing at something I said."

"Ach! Just the right height! Captain, yer going to kill me." Scotty choked.

"Spock, where have you been? Last I saw you, you were dancing with Uhura. What was that thing with the Ambassador all about?"

"Nothing to concern yourself about, Captain. I will brief you in the morning."

McCoy strolled up. "Spock! Where you been, boy? Keeping your nose clean?"

Spock folded his arms and lifted an eyebrow. "My nose and everything else, Doctor."

The doctor looked him over suspiciously. "Where's Uhura?"

"I escorted her to her quarters. It seemed she was feeling dizzy and needed to lie down.”

“Probably from this terrible punch.” McCoy took a long drink from his glass, grinning at Spock over the rim.

“Captain, if there's nothing else, I shall retire for the evening."

"You feel alright Spock? Doctor, does he look a little flushed to you?"

"Nah. Well maybe a little."

"I assure you, I am quite well. If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have something important to attend to."

Spock turned and headed for the exit. He nodded as he passed Sulu.

"That coat really does do something for him. I've never seen him look better," remarked McCoy.

Sulu joined them.

Sulu laughed. "Yeah, Chekov thinks so too. I thought he was going to cut in on Uhura!"

Kirk, Scotty and McCoy all turned to him and said, "What?" in unison.

"Am I the only one who saw that?"

Chekov had been leading a train of jumping delegates around the dance floor when he fell just as Spock was walking by. Spock hauled him up by the back of his tunic and spoke a few words in his ear. Chekov snapped to attention and nodded his head but relaxed when Spock continued on out the door. He weaved over to the group of officers with a quizzical look on his face, pointing his thumb at Spock's retreating back.

"Is it just me or does Spock have pussy breath?"

McCoy sprayed punch all over the front of Scotty's coat.

"You still wanna slip him the tongue?" asked Sulu.

"Well, actually, I do.”

Spock walked down the corridor to Uhura's quarters. He entered and stood for a moment letting his eyes adjust to the low light. She was sleeping, her back to him, curled up on her side. The coverlet had slipped down around her hips and he could see the brown curve of her breast under her arm. It occurred to him that he had not actually gotten a good look at her breasts. He would have to resolve that.

He unbuttoned his coat and folded it neatly over a chair. He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his boots, being careful not to jostle her. He hooked his thumbs in his waistband and pulled down his pants and underwear. He sat back down and watched her sleep. Her lashes lay on her cheeks and her lips were parted a little. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, even by Vulcan standards, where extreme beauty seemed to be the rule rather than the exception.

He stood and walked naked over to the viewport, his cock bobbing heavily between his thighs. They were traveling at warp two and the stars streaked by.

Uhura had awakened when he entered her quarters. She feigned sleep, waiting to see what he would do. She cringed internally. She was also a little embarrassed to face him after losing control like that and making all that noise. She heard him moving around and then felt the edge of the bed sink under his weight. She thought she heard a boot drop. He was going to stay. Her stomach did a flip-flop. He stood and she heard him pad to the other side of the room. What was he doing?

He turned back to Uhura. Nyota. They would need to talk in the morning. He walked back to the bed and slid under the coverlet. He gently wrapped his body around hers, slipping his arm over her waist and sliding his palm up until his hand cupped her breast. Its weight was satisfying. He rubbed his thumb over her softened nipple and settled his head on the pillow, his face buried in her hair. He inhaled her scent and relaxed into a light restorative meditation.

God! He was full of surprises. She thought he'd wake her and finish what they'd started. Just holding someone while they slept was much more intimate than sex. How sweet of him! She listened as his breathing deepened into a regular rhythm. She could feel his semi-erect penis hot against her buttocks. Impressive.




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WHY are there no comments here??? This was incredibly well-written, fantastically charming, and OMG hot! I am enjoying your stories more and more; off I go to read some more!

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I found your site off and am doing a happy dance! Your writing is wonderfully done, intense to read and very stimulating. Keep it coming! - Jessie

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