Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Dreams of William Shatner

I wrote this in Nov 2008. Brought over from Dreams of William Shatner:

I dreamt I bought a house across from the Nimoys’ in the hills but didn’t know we were neighbors until Bill hopped out of his Mercedes convertible and rang the bell at their gate. I was working under my 1970 Volvo 1800-E—one of those little sport coupes—but slid out when he drove up. He’d done something to his engine and it rumbled loud enough to rattle the loose chrome on my car.

I stood, wiped my hands on a rag and watched him. He had his TMP hair but his Search for Spock body and he wore brown cords with no belt and a black tee shirt that was loose at the waist but stretched across his chest.

He was also wearing Tevas, but what’re you going to do?

He glanced back at me then did a double-take. I could see his eyes beneath his lashes travel over my bare arms and legs. The Beach Boys sang “Help me, Rhonda” on his radio. He grinned. I nodded at his Mercedes. He said something I couldn’t hear. He reached in his car and turned off the ignition.

Leonard came down his driveway and opened the gate. This was Leonard circa 1967, still slender but getting soft from not having to do night work, starting to drink too much and unhappy with his life. His Spock haircut had grown down to his eyebrows and his hair was full and parted in the breeze without all the pomade. It was a warm evening but he wore a dark v-neck sweater, black slacks and square-toed shoes. I could see the woman who is his wife now watching from a window, drinking a glass of wine. She squinted at Bill then at me and turned away.

I leaned a hip against my car. Leonard lit a cigarette. Bill plucked it from his lips and took a drag. He handed it back and they both started across the street. I laughed and motioned toward the engine block hanging from a hoist over my Volvo. Leonard and I steadied the block while Bill cranked the winch. Bill kept up a steady stream of chatter filled with really bad puns and chuckled at his own jokes while he checked out my ass. Leonard studied me quietly.

We bolted in the engine block, moving around the car, brushing against each other, fronts to backs, backs to fronts. Bill pressed against me briefly, gently, letting me feel his erection. Leonard breathed warmly on the back of my neck and softly stroked a thumb across my nipple reaching around me for a wrench. I could smell Old Spice and Right Guard and Prell, engine grease and the tobacco from the pack of cigarettes in Leonard’s pocket. They circled me, switching places. My dogs started barking in the house. Bill slid his hands up my ribs and squeezed my breasts. Leonard lifted my chin with a knuckle and kissed me deeply and for a long time.

Then my dogs woke me up barking at a catfight in the street.

Miserable mutts.


Anonymous said...

wow nice dream! and I wouldn't be happy with my puppies at that moment

sheila said...

nice dream! and boy would I be mad at my puppies.

Indie_bindi said...

Sounds like a 'best dream ever' situation.

Anonymous said...

so happy for this update!

Anonymous said...

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Jackie T said...

I LUURVED the dream, and even more loved seeing you back again. Please keep posting!

Adams said...

I came over specifically to clown you about never updating, but now I'm just jellus

Jackie T said...

What's Prell? And I love your attention to the kinds of detail I want detail on; the part about his hair (love his hair!) having grown and moving in the breeze; the few words summing up his unhappiness in a way that gets the heart. One can seeyour scenes. Thank you

girl6 said...

Prell is a shampoo that I believe is not manufactured anymore. Right Guard was pretty much the only choice for men's deodorant in the 60s.

Jackie T said...

And Old Spice was the only aftershave. We had those in England but never heard of Prell. You have a poet's ability to use the right number of words to grab the heart, or other areas according to your subject matter. Please, post more.