Monday, June 02, 2008


So, the Myanmar junta keeps refusing aid from Outworlders, the US in particular. They're all like, "Fuck you, United States. We don't want shit from you because you gonna come all up in our koolaid, handing shit out, and being all big-ass American savior and shit, like you do--even though we've endured cyclones for years without your help (back when we used to ask for it)--,and all the while what you really want is to gank our oil. Thanks. No thanks. Ok, we'll take a little bit of that rice and some bandaids but you need to keep the fuck steppin'. We don't need your help to crush the souls of our people, fuck you very much."

Seriously. That's what they said. Just like that.

And another thing: Hillary, go home. It's o-ver, honey. I called the whole RFK assignation thing two weeks before it got out and now I'm calling the Clinton Divorce Within Six Months After the Convention thing. Mark my words.

Oh, and send your pannies to Burma. Who knew?

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