Monday, August 25, 2008

The F-word.

Stonn scolded me for using the word 'fuck' too much in my writing. He also didn't agree with my politics but if you'll notice, I mostly drop f-bombs in my political rants.

But he's right.

It takes skill as a writer to create the same uh, whatever that simply using the word fuck would accomplish. It also takes skill to write a sex scene without including any actual fucking. I mean...

BTW--I stopped by Lawrence "Stonn" Montaigne's table at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention and gave him one of my cards last year. He remembered me this year and after chastising me for saying that word too much, he heaped upon me great praise for my talent as a writer. It was unexpected and very, very kind of him.

More "Prodigal Soul" this weekend. I swear. Or not.

*Ha! I love when the word verification actually means something. It is apropos of this post : FuMofo*


closettrekkie said...

Aloha from Hawaii! Not sure if you remember me from the convention but after reading your blog, I am totally amazed! (along with impressed). You still look like.....Tyra Banks!

Adams said...

FuMofo, why you trying to lie to the good people and act like more "Prodigal Soul" is coming?!