Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Your Face Ugly*

I wasn't going to go the teenybopper route with posting a lot of pictures of the babycute Star Trek movie cast (which I so totally do not do with all the hot Nimoy) but this I couldn't resist. This is so sexy, it even makes me want to fuck that motorcycle he's sitting on.

*"Make your face ugly
" informal-- apothem [org: Af-Amer, 19th cent]; verb. emphasis on 'your'; def: The contortion of the facial muscles and the utterance of the word "Day-um!" upon viewing an extremely attractive person. The expression on one's face during and/or upon recollection of excellent sexual intercourse. Ex: "Did you see ZQ in that video? Make your face ugly."


Anonymous said...

He should be People's next Sexiest Man Alive.

girl6 said...

Just think how hot he's gonna be at forty.

Anonymous said...

Sweet fancy Moses. I do just adore the Nimoy, he makes my toes curl like nobody's business...but this is also fine. really, really fine.

girl6 said...

"Sweet fancy Moses"


Candace said...

thank you. that made my day.