Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sequels & More girl6 FAQs

I've gotten a few questions about writing a sequel to "Happiness At Least". I did write one. It is called "Coda" and you can read it here. I'm afraid that's it for that story.

No planned sequel to "Disobedience of the Heart". Captain Ssizzeen, Praetor Zogozzin and other Gorn will be in other stories.

Yes. Golan will have another story of his own. It's still in my head but I will write it soon...ish. He is featured prominently in "The Prodigal Soul", so you Golan fangirls will have to get your fix there--whenever I get around to updating. I really like Golan, too.

Yes. People do steal my ideas. There's not a whole lot I can do about it. It'd be very difficult and expensive to sue someone over fan fiction--if it can even be done. You might be able to sue over creative content. When I discover that someone has jacked my work, they get outed loudly and get a severe internet beat down.

No. I don't do personal appearances.

No. Uhura is a completely different person from me. But if I were on the cast of Star Trek, I would've been fucking Leonard Nimoy every time I saw him.

Like, totally. Every time I saw him.

Zachary Quinto is a beautiful boy--and a couple months shy of being young enough to be my unplanned teen aged pregnancy. I just can't write "seriously" about him. Leonard Nimoy, OTOH--always and ever shall be.

Thank you, thank you for the gifts. They are lovely(except for that...whatever that was) but please, the economy's bad. Save your money. And it makes me very nervous to know how easy it is to find my address.

Aiight, Monkies. Thanks for Spock Jonesing. I think "The Obsidian Mirror" sucks. I'm off to do some major revisions.




Anonymous said...

and thank you for your wonderful stories. i can't recommend them enough.

Iddy said...

What IS it about you and stalkers????

~ID, who eats hers for breakfast....

girl6 said...

Not stalkers, just "fans", I guess? Everyone's been really nice and respectful.

Anonymous said...

That's OK, there's plenty of us left to pant after ZQ. I'm sure he won't feel lonely... (bseg)

Anonymous said...

I am at that fortunate age where I watched TOS a million times in my childhood and developed the requisite panting obsession with Nimoy's Spock, yet I am young enough that thinking about ZQ Spock makes me feel only slightly silly. Best of both worlds, although I must confess that when reading reboot fic, I often substitute the original Spock's voice. Grrrrrowl.

Anonymous said...

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